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Who We Are and What We Do

Chambers of Commerce respond to current on-the-ground needs.  The "short game” such as what businesses need today.  Foundations are future-oriented and positioned to impact long-term challenges. The "long game” such as workforce development.  A growing number of Chambers have established Foundations to focus on the larger issues facing communities.

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Board of Directors

Amanda Rubeck, RISE Board President

Erica Carpenter, ZCoC Board President

Angela Falcone, ZCoC Board Vice President

Dee Lindsay, ZCoC Board Treasurer

Leigh Ann Akard

Bill Kern

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Pillar 1: Environmental Stewardship

Encourage sustainable environmental practices within area businesses.

Explore current environmental initiatives in the community.  The RISE Foundation has pursued grants to support projects such as compostable take-out packaging for area restaurants.

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Pillar 2: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Enrich our community through business diversificatgion and diversity within those businesses.

Explore current DEI initiatives in the community.  Cultivate partnerships with others interested in offering and/or participating in professional development around these topics (such as the Untied Way of Central Indiana and the Boone County Racial Diversity Coalition.)

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Pillar 3: Workforce Development

Foster sustainable business success through lifelong learning and education.

Gain knowledge about workforce issues in the community. Offer professional development opportunities on topics of interest (such as leadership and DEI). Current projects: partnership with Shafer Leadership Academy for virtual programming, TEDxZionsville and  STEMz.

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